General Directorates

Directorate General of Traffic

About the Directorate

The Directorate General of Traffic carries out the task of vehicle’s inspection and licensing, testing and licensing of drivers, investigation of traffic accidents, and installation of road signs.

The Directorate of General Traffic ensures safety of all road users.

Listed below are the various services provided :

  1. Obtaining a new driving License
  2. Renewing Driving License
  3. Exchanging the approved foreign driving license
  4. Vehicle registration
  5. Renewal of vehicle registration
  6. Transfer of ownership of vehicles

Services & Procedures

Traffic Services Fees

Fee Details of Learner's Driving Permits
Permit Type Amount (in R.O)
New Learner’s driving permit 5
Renewal of learner’s driving permit 3
Driving test 5
Issuing or renewal of learner’s driving permit (Temporary training) 5

Fee Details of Driving Licenses
License Type Amount (in R.O)
Light driving licence 20
Heavy duty driving licence 10
Truck driving licence 10
Motorcycle driving licence 15
Permanent driving licence 40
1. Substitute of lost or damaged licence of the above classes or renewal thereof is the same as of its issuing
2. Fee for Amendment of the holder’s personal data is R.O 1/-

Fee Details Registration Plates
Plate Type Amount (in R.O)
Private and Commercial Long Plate (520 X 110) mm 6
Private and Commercial Other sizes 4
Government Long Plate with logo (520 X 110) mm 25
Government Long Plate without logo (520 X 110) mm 20
Government Plate of Other sizes 4
Diplomatic Long Plate (520 X 110) mm 12
Diplomatic Plate of Other sizes (305 X 155) mm 8
Motorcycle Plates 2
Learner's driving plate (individuals) 4
Motorcycle learner’s plate 2
Inspection plate (companies & Est.) 100
Substitute of Lost or Damaged Plate:
1. Substitute of 2 plates, the same as the new number fees plus RO. 2/-
2. Substitute of one plate, half the new number fees plus RO. 1/-

Fee Details for Registration
Registration Fees Amount (in R.O)
Engine capacity of less than 1500 cc 18
Engine capacity of 1500 - 3000cc 23
Engine capacity of 3000 - 4500CC 33
Engine capacity of above 4500cc 53
Less than 3-ton vehicle 34
Vehicle of 3 to less than 5 ton. 128
Vehicle of 5 ton or more 188
Motorcycle 13
Passenger vehicles’ fees are per number of passengers 1.5