The main responsibility of ROP is to maintain law and order throughout the country, protect people's lives and property and prevent and investigate crimes. It is also in charge of road traffic, civil defence, customs, immigration and prison, and carrying out court sentences.

It has also been entrusted with the task of safeguarding the security of civil airports and other vital installations in the country, protecting VIPs and Embassies, looking after Oman's territorial waters and guarding land borders together with other concerned departments.

Strategy adopted to achieve goals

The ROP emphasis on manpower development and training and on meticulous planning to protect the society from crime. Equal emphasis is placed on encouraging the public to help and co-operate with police by reporting crimes and other incidents. A vigorous and comprehensive public awareness programmes is crucial element in this strategy.

ROP also makes use of the latest technology in carrying out its duties and continuously updates administrative proceduress. Through many police station set up in different towns and villages. ROP strives to provide the best services to the public and works hard to keep its relations with citizens close and strong. It also constantly liaises with other government departments and the private sector in its drive to achieve this goal.

Apart from the administrative and crime-prevention duties, ROP also shoulders a social responsibility by taking an active part in social development projects and rescue operations. Its Coastguard Division has on several occasion rushed to the rescue of people in distress at sea.