General Information

Name & Hierarchy

During the celebration marking the handing over of the Police colors to the Police Force on 4thNovember, 1974, the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos ,may God have mercy on his soul, the Supreme Commander conferred the title of "The Royal Oman Police" on the newly formed force.

The title of "the Commissioner for police" which was used to be the title of the president of the force under the old Police Law No. 5/1973, a Royal Decree was issued on 26th November 1974 changing the title to (the Inspector General of Police and Customs).

General Information

Police Law

The ROP personnel are subject and controlled by the Police Law issued by the Royal Decree No. 35/90 dated 10th March 1990 which replaced the old Police Law (No. 5/1973). This Law consists of 104 Articles in 3 chapters:

  • First Chapter: Introductory provisions, the formation of the Police Force and its responsibilities
  • Second Chapter: Service in the Police Force
  • Third Chapter: General Provisions

General Information

The Inspector General Of Police And Customs

The First Article of the Police Force has defined (the Inspector General of Police and Customs as the General Commander of the Royal Oman Police who is appointed by His Majesty the Sultan to command, manage and supervise the Police Force. The Inspector General of Police and Customs is has the position of a Minister.

General Information

ROP Flag

The Police Flag was created on 1973. It is a rectangle divided by vertical lines into 4 rectangles. Three of these rectangles with light equal bases in area with the colors of the national flag. The green color is near to the post followed by the red color, then the white color. The last rectangle is blue color with a wide base, in its middle is found the Royal Oman Police banner in white. The flag of the Royal Oman Police is hoisted on all the buildings of the different formations of ROP together with the national flag.

General Information

Ranks & Insignia

Article (4) of the Police Law issued by the Royal Decree No. 53/09 (the ranks of police servicemen) as follows:

Conventional Ranks of Officers

Lieutenant General
Major General
Lieutenant Colonel
First Lieutenant
Candidate for promotion (Murrashah)

Other Ranks

First Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major
First Sergeant

Officers wear the insignia of their ranks on the shoulders. Insignias of other ranks are affixed on the right shirtsleeve.

General Information

Police Medals

Four medals with the Royal Oman Police logo was created in 1975. They are the following: Royal Oman Police Medal for Efficiency Royal Oman Police Medal for Courage Royal Oman Police Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct Royal Oman Police for Medal for Excellent Service .

These medals are predominantly blue in color (the color of the Royal Oman Police). The metal parts are similar in their silver colors and the common face showing the Royal Oman Police Flag but are different on the other side as it carries the phrase (for efficiency) and (for courage) and so on. Two branches forming a circular crown or garland surround these phrases.

In 1980 the Royal Oman Police Medal for Excellent Service was renamed (Sultan Qaboos Police Medal)