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Media Center

Check here the newest news and announcements for Royal Oman Police. Also, you can find here other pages like the Gallery Allbum and magazins such as Alain Asahera , Ashrti Sagher magazin.

news page

ROP News

Here you can find the newest news of ROP .

recur page


This page contains Announcements of ROP .

crime page


Here the news of crimes that catch by ROP .


All tranders of ROP post here .



You can find here all ROP articles .


Photo Gallery

You can browse the photo for different sections in ROP

oman map

Governorate Maps

Governorate Maps conatin ROP location of Stations with phone Numbers .

laws pdfs

ROP Laws

Here You can downlaod PDFs of Laws related to ROP.

alain assahira radio

ROP radio

You can listen here to all recorded Alain Assahira series in FM .

ROP Magazine

You can browse and download ROP magazines .

kids Magazine

You can browse and download kids magazines .