ROP History

The achievement of security, peace and stability is the main objective of any society. Since early times, the Omani society has been characterized by a social structure that maintained peace and stability within it. This particular social organization had a simple structure known as Al Askar (the police force). They are responsible for simple policing work including guarding the markets enforcing of the law, etc. Every wilaya in the country had its own group of government-appointed Askars, who carried out simple policing tasks such as watching the local suqs and helping the authorities in enforcing the rulings. They did not have any regular training or uniform, but they carried traditional rifles and wore ammunition belts. The highest rank in this system was Ageed Al Askar , literally Colonel, followed by the deputy Ageed, who assisted the Ageed in supervising the group of soldiers.

With the emergence of the blessed Renaissance dawn in 1970, like all other sectors in the country, the police witnessed drastic change and progress. The Royal Oman Police witnessed a new leap in its activities by joining the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) in 1972, and the Arab Organization for Social Defense Against Crime) in the same year which gave the ROP an impetus.

In a ceremony held at the Police Training School on 4 November 1974 marking the occasion in which the police force received its flag from His Majesty the Sultan, His Majesty addressed ROP personnel.

"In handing you our and your flag today, we have decided to confer a new name on the police force. From now on you will be known as the Royal Oman Police."

His Majesty Qaboos bin Said

As a result of the Supreme Commander of Police efficient and phased planning. the ROP was transformed radically until it became today a developed and modern police force. With its organizational structure the ROP is so competent and capable to face the challenges of modernity.

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