Role & Responsibilities

The role of the Royal Oman Police is the same as that played by the police forces of all modern nations. It maintains law and order throughout the country by striving to control and prevent the occurrence and nab them in the bud. It controls, tracks and arrest perpetrators and take them to courts to allow justice takes its course.

Article (11) of the Police Law stipulates that the mission of ROP is the maintenance of public order and security and monitoring public behavior together with the protection of lives, possessions, properties and honor. It guarantees peace and tranquility in all fields. It curbs and prevents the occurrence of crimes. It controls and arrests criminals. It conducts inquiries and investigations and collects evidence. It also assumes any other assignments and responsibilities stipulated by the applicable laws and decrees and all other duties enforced by laws and regulations.

All ROP stations in the different Governorates, regions and wilayats receive reports and complaints submitted by all injured or wronged victims and inquire and investigate them. It also prepares all the files of the reports and complaints that are satisfying the basis of criminal conduct and refer them to the concerned and competent courts. It also handles the problems and files of traffic violations.

The Royal Oman Police is distinguished from other police forces in many countries by being also responsible of the tasks and responsibilities of customs.