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General Directorates

Directorate General of Operations

About the Directorate

The Directorate General of Operations plans, manages and implements the activities of the Police of maintaining public security and safety. It plans security operations during public occasions, national days, religious holidays and conferences and meetings organized by the Sultanate.

The Directorate General of Operations also provides advice on the security for public and private establishments by studying their plans and layouts in order to prevent the risks they may encounter after their construction.

The Directorate General of Operations also issues permits for different events so that they may not affect or endanger public safety or cause any harm, annoyance, or threat to the public peace and tranquility.

Directorate General of Operations


  • Laying out and supervising all Police plans of operations and their implementation
  • Predicting and anticipating all security situations and events in order to better plan how to face them and provide recommendations on how to prevent them.
  • Monitor and following up reports of all kinds on criminal and security threatening incidents and manage to confront them with the cooperation of formations concerned.
  • Planning to protect sensitive, vital and important public establishments.
  • Planning to protect the important personalities.
  • Providing advice for government and private establishments to be able to attain maximum standards of preventive security.
  • Striving to develop and equip the Royal Oman Police with weapons, security equipment, preparations and vehicles.
  • Establishing emergency plans to confront all different kinds of disasters.
  • Supervising and directing rescue and fire fighting operations in co-ordination with the Directorate General of Civil Defence. The Directorate also manages Police Aviation, the Coast Guard Division and the other related units
  • Receiving applications for helicopter planes from ROP command headquarters, stations and centres for the different rescue operations and assisting and transporting patients and wounded in co-ordination with the organizations concerned.
  • Receiving requests for transport by helicopters.

Directorate General of Operations

Security Consultation

These are free consultative services to protect and secure vital economic establishments to avoid risks they may face them in the light of regional and international developments which rapid implications and immediate influence.

This service can be obtained by contacting the Directorate General of Operations. The approval of the authorities concerned (for the Private Sector) and the engineering plans and drawings of the establishment must be provided.

For further information contact Tel.: 569155 or by e-mail. ropdrsa@omantel.net.om





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