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Other General Directorates

Directorate General of Airport Security

The Directorate General of Airport Security is responsible for protecting the airports and aircrafts and conducting searches within airport facilities. It guards the gates to and from airports and keep watch on the passengers waiting hall to prevent passengers and workers from entering unauthorized areas.

This Directorate is carrying out its duties using sophisticated security equipment.

Directorate General of Development and Scrutiny

Details of this directorate.

Directorate General of Financial Affairs

The role of the Directorate General of Financial Affairs is to implement the general financial policy of the state at ROP. It is also responsible for collecting some revenue in implementation of the laws and legislation on behalf of the Government and transferring this revenue to the state’s treasury monthly. The Directorate also prepares the budget estimates of the Five Year Plans and the annual budgets of ROP, together with controlling the different items of expenditure, the preparation and provision of the salaries, allowances and benefits of employees and the provision of financial resources and allocations to meat the requirements of ROP. At the end of each financial year, it submits the final account to the Ministry of Finance. This account shows the total annual revenue and expenditure including the capital and repetitive expenditure during the year. As such the Directorate General of Financial Affairs is the unit responsible for the assessment of the efficiency of the financial affairs of ROP in order to achieve the highest degree of financial control over its resources.

Directorate General of Human Resources

This Directorate General supplies ROP with all its needs of human resources, which include policemen and civil employees of different ranks and scales, to fill the police, technical and administrative and professional posts in ROP.

The Directorate General also implements and executes laws, regulations and policies that control the service in ROP. These responsibilities include selection and recruitment to the confirmation in the post. It also upgrades, trains and supervises the different employees on the job. It carries out the tasks of performance and administrative development and job substitution. It ensures quality, neutrality and fairness of disciplinary actions including (punishment and reward) through the Department of Military Judiciary. It also processing transfers, implements and processes leaves and promotions and ensures service health and occupation care which ends with retirement.

Directorate General of Information Technology

The Directorate General of Information Technology develops computer systems and programs, provides communications and computer sets for other ROP departments and carries out maintenance.

ROP is continuously modernizing and updating its own structure, operations and services.

Directorate General of Logistics and Supplies

This Directorate General is the central supplying unit of ROP. It is responsible for all purchases and also stores all the necessary supplies required in performing the duties of the different command headquarters, directorates general and divisions. It supplies equipment, furniture, stationeries and cleaning materials. It also provides and prepares work allowances and is responsible of the official charges for all the officers and police personnel.

Directorate General of Medical Services

The Directorate of Police Medical Services provides medical support for police operations in all of its locations and at all times. It is responsible for the health and medical care for ROP employees, their families and children and for some proper police and security organs. It provides forensic medicine services and air ambulance services. It also covers field operations (first aid to citizens) during National Day ceremonies and the different national celebrations. It also provides medical examination for new recruits and provides medical treatment services to prisoners and detained persons.

The ROP Department of Medical Services is considered to be an integrated and complete unit. It is composed of the ROP Hospital and three clinics. One of these clinics is located at the Central Prison at Al Manuma; the second clinic is at the Police Academy, while the third is at (Arzat Prison) in the Governorate of Dhofar. All its units work in unison and harmony. The ROP Hospital and the other clinics have consultant physicians and specialists in the different fields of medicine (internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, pathology, forensic medicine etc). It has radiology, nursing, physiotherapy and medical guidance. The Police hospital has (48) beds for adults and (12) beds for minors. It provides its services through out-patient clinics and a number of internal wards (Internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology).

Some of the most important sections of the police hospital include:

The Forensic Medicine Section: It is the only section of its type in the Sultanate. It provides its services through the examination of criminal cases in the outpatient and then moves for direct inspection in the case of a report of a criminal case. It prepares and issues its technical expert opinion in the criminal cases. It also keeps direct and embalms dead bodies as a result of criminal acts. It participates in teaching and delivering lectures on forensic medicine at Sultan Qaboos University and the Police Academy.

Pathology, Laboratory and Blood Bank Section: This section is headed by a consultant in pathology and includes a number of Omani graduates. The Laboratory was provided with state of the art equipment linked with the computer. It greatly facilitates the work of its physicians who are in apposition to immediately know the results the moment they appear on the computer.

Radiology Section: A consultant radiologist heads this section with wide experience in the field of radiology and X-rays. The section has a number of Omani graduates. All equipments were replaced with sophisticated equipment, which include cross sectional X-rays.

Dental Section: This section includes a consultant physician and three other Omani physicians. It provides treatment services in the outpatient clinic and performs some operations as needed.

Operations Section: It includes three specialists in anesthesia and nurses, specializing in the field of operations, general surgery operations, obstetrics, gastroscopy and dental operations.

Medical Guidance and Training Section: Medical guidance is always provided for patients coming for treatment during daily tours and examination of patients including sick prisoners. Lectures are regularly delivered in order to educate and increase the awareness of ROP employees about contagious and endemic diseases at the different ROP headquarters and directorates. Internal training courses are also organized for the employees of this department. Courses in the field of first aid are also organized for ROP personnel at the different ROP formations. This section also supervises the sports activities of the directorate and organizes participation and competition in different sports activities organized by ROP Sports Union.


Directorate General of Police Aviation

One of the ROP directorates which provide humanitarian services is the Directorate of ROP Aviation. with aircrafts Of different models and sizes it supplies relief materials and services during emergencies to people in remote and inaccessible areas all-over the country. It also transports sick people from theses areas to hospitals.

In coordination with the Coast Guard Division the ROP helicopters provide help and rescue to ships, boats or people who face difficulties waters. The ROP aircrafts also patrol the country’s coastline.

Besides these tasks the ROP aircraft transport ROP staff and families from one place to another especially when these staff are transferred of assigned to official duties.

Directorate General of Prisons

The Directorate General of Prisons provides general supervision and administration of prisons and keeps them under guard. It maintains public peace, order and discipline inside the prisons in accordance with the provisions of the Prisons Law issued by Royal Decree No. C48/98.

The Directorate General of Prisons also provides different services for prisoners in health, cultural, sport, educational and religious fields. The objective is to rehabilitate and reform these prisoners.

Annual exhibitions for the items produced by the prisons are held exhibiting handicrafts, artifacts and other items that are offered for sale. These exhibits aim at informing the public of the efforts exerted by the Directorate General of Prisons in order to help the prisoners in using their time and to enable those with special gifts and crafts to practice their work and reap benefits for themselves.


Directorate General of Projects and Maintenance

Royal Oman Police depends on the Directorate General of Projects and Maintenance in providing the necessary requirements of its new construction projects in different parts of the Sultanate. It also depends on this Directorate for maintaining its buildings and premises.

This Directorate has a number of engineers. Mostly Omanis who specialize in different. The organizational structure of the Directorate General of Projects and Maintenance is composed of a number of directorates including the Directorate of Projects and Maintenance, the Directorate of Electrical and Mechanical services and the Directorate of Gardens and Farms. The later Directorate carries out the planting and landscaping of the police stations and compounds and provides shadow plants to their facilities, offices, halls etc.

Sultan Qaboos Academy for Police Science

Sultan Qaboos Academy for Police Science comprises various directorates which provides continuous training to upgrade the standards of officers and policemen of all ranks in their areas of specialization and according to the needs of work.

The academy organizes training courses to improve the performance as well as the legal and administrative capabilities of the police officers and personnel.

Directorate General of Transport

Some text for this directorate general



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