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ROP Mobile APPs

The ROP app comes in line with ROPís objectives and aims at increasing the publicís engagement and providing them with easy access to the services provided by ROP. The vision is to enable the public to avail all of the current and future eServices provided by ROP from any location and any mobile device through a simple and straightforward interface. This improves the publicís interaction with ROP and reduces the time required and costs incurred as the need to visit ROPís service centers is reduced and data usage over the mobile network is kept at a minimal level. †

The objectives of the ROP app are:

  1. Improve the publicís interaction with ROP and reduce visits to the ROP website and stations to check on traffic fines, visa applications, and other services by having these services available from any location and at any time through the app.
  2. Provide a quick reference to the police direct line (9999) in case of emergencies.
  3. Allow the public to locate the nearest police station when needed.
  4. Share FAQ with the public to give them easy access to information about ROP and the provided services.
  5. Share the latest ROP news and announcements with the public.
  6. Align ROP with the trending mobile service delivery technologies.


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ROP Mobile Apps

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Download from Google Play

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