Vehicle Registration Renewal

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This service is provided for the private, public sector and Omani nationals and expatriates allowing them to renew the vehicles issued by Royal Oman Police (Vehicle Permit). It can also provide a report of previous E-payment transactions in a specific time based on the reference number of the E-payment transaction.

Service fees are classified according to vehicle or equipment weight, engine capacity or equipment type and are as follows:

No. Vehicle or Equipment Weight Engine Capacity or Equipment Type Fees(Omani Rial) Delay Fine for Each Month(Omani Rial)
1 Below 3 tones Less than 1500cc 18
2 Below 3 tones 1500cc to below 3000cc 23
3 Below 3 tones 3000cc to below 4500cc 33
4 Below 3 tones Above 4500cc 53
5 Below 3 tones Tractor 43
6 3 tones – below 5 tones - 133
7 5 tones and above - 193

Note: 5 Omani Rials will be added as a technical inspection fee –if conducted-.